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Nov 18 2012, 08:51 PM
If TPTB were intent on changing Daniel's character to MR. Right, after his 3 week hiatus last year, then he should have never let him have sex with Nicole. Dicole sex/bonding was shit worthy. Clearly the schmuck used her and that just made Daniel same as a always was, an effin' manwhore. So much for fixing Dan....he slept with Nicole, just as many times as he slept with Jennifer on screen. So what gives?
I think Daniel just wants Jennifer b/c she doens't/didn't want him. IMO, Dr. DongMyShlong is the chase and conquer type and after he gets her, then he'll just throw her to the trash. I think Dr. D's agenda is to sleep with as many woman in Salem as he can. Makes me hurl!
I think it's more the change of writers and lack of substance in the character. Mardar took him off canvas to try to reboot the character but then found that there was nothing to do with Daniel because all he does is enter one relationship after another so they put him with Nicole. Enter TomSell who were hell bent on resurrecting Dannifer, regardless of whether viewers actually want to suffer through it. So, in order to reunite Dannibore in record time, they had Dan dump Nicole thus erasing any redemption of his love them and leave them character. It would have been better for his character growth to have Nicole dump him but they wanted the stupid dead baby storyline which necessitated Nicole to be obsessively in love with him (however unlikely that was). The result is just one huge mess which has completely destroyed any chance Dannibore had of being a popular pairing (thank God), made Nicole look pathetic, turned Jennifer into Jennibitch and made Daniel even more unlikeable than before.
Well done TomSell. Not many writers could fail so successfully on so many fronts!
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