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Nov 18 2012, 09:54 AM
What i don`t like is lucas & rafe just wandering around listlessly while corday goes `lock/stock or whatever with ejami. Why can`t they move on with their lives?
That's what I don't understand either, especially with Lucas. Obviously Tomlin wants to keep Rafe in Sami's life as one of the two men pining for a seat on her merry-go-round but why is Lucas still forced to be single and miserable? Tomlin won't let him near Sami that's obvious but then if that's the case why not give him someone to pass his time with? Or does he hate the character that much that Lucas must forever pine after Sami in secret even if he never gets to be with her? That's what it looks like to me. This guy loses more than any of the other men on the show because not only does he not get to be with the only woman he loved, but he doesn't get to move on either. So he's stuck in forever backburned limbo unless it has to do with his kid's love life. That is just cruel and unusual punishment if I've ever seen it, lol.
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