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Nov 17 2012, 10:51 AM
What's the point of the two wackos, Kristen and EJ, scheming to get people who just aren't that into them when we know they're going to both fail miseriably?
I think watching people scheme is entertaining. But beyond that, I think there's value in it particularly with writers like these who pimp certain couples pretty hard.

If I don't like the pairings they create, there's no reason for me to watch. Throw in a villain screwing with the people in those pairings, tearing a couple apart...I could go for that. So can fans of that couple, just from a different angle. I root against the couple, fans root for the couple- it can be pretty awesome, imho. I'm not sure if they're going that direction yet, but I'm somewhat hopeful.

On another note, I hope Jen's sudden need for medical attention is more interesting than it seems, like it's self-inflicted, or she's hallucinating, or she's really, really sick. It'd be nice if it were more of a plot than just a pitstop on the road to Dan/Jen, imho.
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