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Nov 18 2012, 05:07 PM
Whatever they do with Parker's paternity, I hope they undo Eggbaby. That was one of the earliest and most egregious MarDar choices and should have been at the top of TomSell's eradication/reversal list. After all, that, too, seemed to be setting up to be a short-term move that would be un-done later. Daniel got a text message telling him the news, and he never bothered to verify the results or check into the story. Victor was making mysterious phone calls and having unusual cryptic conversations with his butler, Henderson. The whole thing was thinly constructed and strained credulity.

If TPTB ever get a clue and realize how unpopular their pet Daniel has become, maybe they'll unscramble the egg fiasco.

Meanwhile, add me to the list of those who think Chloe's mom should be ripping into Daniel, not singing his praises and transmitting best wishes.

Why would they undo the eggbaby stuff? TomSell apparently ADORE Daniel. I don't see why they would un-Horton him (although I wish they would - that entire thing is so incredibly stupid). In fact, I'm surprised they haven't found ways to make the Hernandez clan related to the Hortons, too.

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