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Nov 19 2012, 09:41 AM
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Nov 18 2012, 10:03 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
during tomlin first lucas was with somone if you can call being most of lucas scenes was with chloe when she zone out and thinking of daniel
but i get lucas kept with chloe because tomlin could not bulid up sami with rafe
when lucas single lucas find only month later after sami and rafe declare that chloe cheat on him and he was still stuck on her since she was in coma and yet they did not even let lucas dump chloe the first thing chloe woke up in coma said she wants daniel
peharps tomlin safe after 3 years and at least 2 of them without lucas ut safe now to keep lucas single
lucas just does not allowed to real pair with anyone
lucas have no place of his own or even mention if he have job and yet rafe and ej does

lucas does not allowed to spend time with his children while rafe and ej does
not even look on them pic wise while rafe and ej does
even he does allow to spend time with will the writing bioplar while will worship rafe and ej
billie and kate spend lot more time with ej than lucas

lucas was sami last relationship and not only lucas not even radar and lot times she even forget lucas is the father some of her kids
lucas simple does not allow to be with any kind of story

brady just lost his so called love of his life and going to hook up past with kristen
daniel stop being sex buddy with nicole and getting close to jennifer and chloe might even come to him
eric the priest already build up with nicole
rafe stoped lusting for carrie and after short reouion with sami which end because he lied her now he try to win sami back and he close friend with nicole
ej stoped fighting for nicole and now hate her and he going after samo now and there chance with abby too
chad might be with abby after he broke with mel month ago
nick with gabby
abe with kayla
every man on show have pairing options writing wise lucas is the only one that does not have it
i do not have problem with lucas does not pair with anyone right now
i do have problem he does not even have pairing options writing wise and yet every man on show does and does not anywise have story wise which he should have it does not matter if pair with anyone right now

which remind in 2009 that every 30 something was in frontburner and lucas was the only one that was backburn

i think tomlin view of lucas if woman pair with him it because she feel sorry or she lonely and have no man want her as soon someone else want she will dimp her
no one seem alow to truly care for lucas even kate feel force to it since she his mom i even remember in 2009 she diss him
i rememer durning tomlin its seem almost every character at least diss lucas once daniel;rafe,kate,victor,chloe,sami,will,nicole,ej,chad,vivan i think even bo,hope,brday and this what i remember
when everyone knew that chloe cheat on lucas if felt like people joking on lucas while with daniel it was poor daniel how dare chloe did this to him
maggie favor daniel even before she knew he was her son
will favor rafe and ej and find every excuse to stay away from lucas and think the worse on lucas and wish someone like rafw willl be his daddy

jeniffer think daniel is amazing human being and lucas does not even allowed to think bad on daniel and so on
Although I'd love for lucas to move on even if its just going back to the player he once was.I really want a buisness story for lucas I loved the stuff with titan back in the day and in 2006 with austin and lucas competing aganist each other buisness wise
Yeah he doesn't even have a job now. They marginalized Jack the same way when he was on but at the same time they never completely removed him out of Jennifer's orbit. With Lucas, they completely removed him out of Sami's orbit but yet he still can't be with anyone else. The only female we know of that's coming on next year they could pair with Lucas is Chloe. For some reason I'm still not ruling that one out even if she is involved in the Dannifer story. Then there's that day player nurse that announced she'd be back in February. Maybe she's Lucas's new girlfriend, lol. Looks like those are his only choices so far but knowing this show they'll still leave him without a love interest next year and then write him out when his contract is up.
sadly it wouldn't suprise me but yet we get stuck with characters like daniel
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