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I've got to admit that I've enjoyed 90% of this weeks shows in general and I even (gulp) liked the last conversation had by Dannifer. May wonders never cease.

I actually liked EJ again for a hot second, his cold conversation with Nicole is exactly what I expect from the guy. Kristen and her weird machinations have made every actor working with ED light up. The juxtopositions of characters have been nice, the actual family reunion with Eric was wonderful and the Eric and Nicole actually do have chemistry, at least now. I've liked that Jarlena's conversations have to do with more than making out and I really liked Marlena's admission that she needed to see only Kristen as the enemy, not John.

The Wabi story's saving grace is that she told him immediately, no WTD in the works, THANK THE SOAP GODS, and I've liked the Wilson scenes too.

Overall, Kudos Days.

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