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Nov 19 2012, 04:58 AM
The PR team at Days wants us to let everyone know they check this board daily and they report our feedback to producers. They also check the comment line, so make sure to call it often and leave your feedback about the show!
Does that mean that if all they see is us going back & forth about Will/Gabi/etc and Safe vs EJami, then they'll assume that we want more of them front & center?

I think that the Days PR people need to understand that characters that aren't often the center of conversation aren't necessarily not being discussed because no one cares about them, but rather because they don't have a big enough story, or aren't featured enough in the episode to warrant endless discussion. For example, the Kayla/Abe/Hope/Ciara/Theo scenes from today's episode were adorable and a joy to watch, but there's no real story there, and there's not much to discuss - there's nothing controversial. (I do think that Kristian, Mary Beth, and James are all worthy of more than they're being given.) There's a whole group of characters that I think that most of us would agree that we would like to see more of & feel like the actors are being underutilized (such as the ones i just mentioned).

Mini-rant over.
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