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I enjoyed today's episode a lot.
My heart burst with those scenes with Theo, Ciara &Co. Those kids are just :wub: I nearly teared up when Theo talked about talking to his mother at night. Also, I loved seeing Kayla and Abe talk too. Abe and Theo needs to be around more.

Bristen was all kinds of hot. THANK YOU to whoever made sure Brady was shirtless/open shirted for most of the epsiode. I am forever in your debt. I saw Kristen take a peek. Yeah, girl. You can have ALL.OF.THAT. :licklips: Marlena is going to look like an idiot when John puts it all together that she deleted those messages. She should have just listened to them first but what do I know. :eyeroll: Marlena keeps playing into Kristen's hands. :laugh:

I thought the teen scene was pretty good. Sonny was a good guy reaching out to Gabi. Nick was overprotective but he loves Gabs. I'm glad they brought up Andrew and Melanie and hope they finally handle that situation. I'm still :toetap: that Gabi didn't pay for that one. I was amazed by how Will and Gabi was trying to handle this situation. It was very realistic and a lot of teens go through similar situations of being pregnant, freaking out and not knowing what to do. Kudos to Will for continuing to be there for Gabi. He's a sweetheart.

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