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DeVanity creator Michael Caruso will be bringing his character Jason DeVanity to another websoap The Cavanaughs for a guest star run. Jason will cross paths with the Cavanaughs new producer Rebecca Capwell (Emily Sandack) and lead star Noreen Cavanaugh (Ginger Snappz). His appearance will change the course of a several characters. As viewers found out in Ep 408, Rebecca was the mastermind behind Noreen's kidnapping in ruse to get publicity for the lead star and the returning series, unbeknownst to Noreen.

His air dates are Tuesday November 20, 2012 (airing earlier in the week due to Thanksgiving holiday) or Thursday November 29, 2012.

Episodes of The Cavanaughs can be found on



http://www.youtube.com/cavanaughswebseries B-)
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