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Nov 19 2012, 05:59 PM
I thought the teen scene was pretty good. Sonny was a good guy reaching out to Gabi. Nick was overprotective but he loves Gabs. I'm glad they brought up Andrew and Melanie and hope they finally handle that situation. I'm still :toetap: that Gabi didn't pay for that one. I was amazed by how Will and Gabi was trying to handle this situation. It was very realistic and a lot of teens go through similar situations of being pregnant, freaking out and not knowing what to do. Kudos to Will for continuing to be there for Gabi. He's a sweetheart.
Not that I don't agree with everything you said here, because I do, this part of your post bugged me. You do understand that these characters aren't "teens," and shouldn't be considered any part of a "teen scene." I think it's been established by now that all characters involved in this are in their early-20s. Will and Gabi were the youngest of the bunch, and although they were both only 18 last summer, it's been established that they're at least 20 months ago. Probably 21 by now. Will just had a birthday, which wasn't celebrated. :hmmph:

Anyways, onto my thoughts about today's show...

Kristen and Brady are all kinds of hot. On paper, this pairing shouldn't work. History ruins the pairing. And I don't disagree with that. However, Davidson and Martsolf just have it together and it allows me to forget that Kristen helped raise Brady when he was a little boy. Only on a soap would this be acceptable, LOL.

I'm glad Eric becoming a priest is as much a surprise to the characters as it is this viewer.

I'm hoping Hope being so excited about Bo's quick return means something is going to happen to him. Even if it's off-screen. Something needs to happen to Bo in order to explain Reckell's departure from the show. I don't want to just hear about Bo living in Salem in a happy marriage with Hope. If I can't see it, I'm not interested. I would much rather be told Bo died or went missing off-camera. I know Bope fans may not be for that idea, but I think it's better than only seeing Hope and hearing her explain how happy she and Bo are without ever seeing it. After all, it was Tomlin who decided to rectify Mickey being missing from the screen for so many years. I'm hoping he still feels that way about characters off-screen with one excuse for their absence after another.

Love the bond Tomlin/Whitesell have given Hope and Nick. Especially considering Hope's close relationship with Jessica when she was younger. It allows Hope to be that mother figure she should be to a grown male character if Shawn was around. And it gives Nick someone to confide in, a mother figure, even though Jessica can't be around. And after the way Maggie treated Nick when he was being released, Hope (and Julie) being the one to be Nick's support system is much better.
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