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Nov 19 2012, 10:10 PM
Are you saying that DAYS PR department do the exact opposite of fans bitch about or want most?
If DAYS's PR department read the board as oftern as they say, then why are we being sujected to some of the worst crap, pairings and SLs that ppl hate. It doesn't make sense to do Dannifer 2.0 or Sami and her harem of men...it is so repetitive...With all the good ideas and discussions that happen on this board. DAYS' should not be struggling for great material and fans should be 10ox happier than they are. I would love to come praise DAYS every day for making an awsome soap .... I am just waiting for it to happen. So much potential, still not the perfect mix.
YOU may not like Daniel/Jennifer or Sami and whichever man she's paired with, but some people do. I, for one, don't mind Daniel and Jennifer. I liked them together before Jack arrived, and I'm not particularly minding them now. It's the pacing of the story that doesn't do them much justice. I think after Jack died, Tomlin/Whitesell should've had Jennifer lay low for a few months. Just supporting other storylines. Then, if they wanted to revisit Daniel and Jennifer, I would be behind it 100%. Right now, I'm behind them about 75% due to the timing.
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