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Helpless Romantic

Nov 19 2012, 10:41 PM
I'm beginning to think we should just use reverse psychology on TPTB, considering they seem to do the opposite of what most seem to want. I think I'm going to start posting lovey dovy posts about certain overexposed and overrated characters and maybe just maybe they'll go away. :poof: Yeah wishful thinking, I know.
Let's try it. I really really want to watch EJ act like an obsessive pussy repeatedley over Samanther, as that has NEVER been done! I really really like how Nicole's past as a hooker and her other issues are constantly brought up but others whitewashed like we need reminding of Nicole's past. I also really really like that everyone especially Sami seems to have short term memory loss and is drinking the Salem stupid juice constantly. I really really like how Jennifer could careless about Jack as Dr orangeballs is the BEST!! Great job PTB!
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