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Nov 19 2012, 10:29 PM
Nov 19 2012, 10:15 PM
Nov 19 2012, 07:21 PM
I do believe all of the back and forth between fans of Sami, EJ, Nicole and Rafe, in whatever order you want to have them in, is what makes those in charge of the show, creatively, believe that's what the majority of the audience wants to see. Whether the majority of discussion is negative or not, those characters bring on discussion and that's what TPTB likes.
they shove those characters down our throats so much that if no one says anything about them, then one would assume that no one watched the show. if there were more balance on the show, then there would be other characters to talk about and discuss. also, i know a lot of people who stopped posting here because all they kept seeing was endless back & forth about EJami & Safe, and it was always the same song and dance. I often avoid the daily discussion threads for basically that reason. and if the endless discussion isn't Safe vs EJami, it's a debate surrounding Will/Sonny/Gabi, which almost always seems to turn nasty if just one person mentions a conservative view, or it's about Dannifer/Nicole, but even that doesn't last as long as the first.
for me personally, if Sami & her boatload of men she's slept with all left Salem, i wouldn't miss them at all, and maybe, just maybe, it would give other characters a chance to have their own stories, or even simply get adequate amounts of air time in the episodes they appear in. The last few weeks before Bo left, he barely got more than 5-6 min per episode, while other characters were getting over 10 min. They weren't going anywhere. Why couldn't those stories take a back burner so that an iconic character that first appeared almost 30 years ago got a proper amount of airtime for his exit?

I feel the same way. That's pretty much what's wrong with the show. Sami has overshadowed everyone & everything on the show. She's overshadowed Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Lucas, Nicole & just about everyone more deserving of good storylines and airtime. And I was a fan of Sami, but now I hate her & this show for letting her hog airtime & men and just the entire show. I'm tired of Sami & her vortex of suck. I'm tired of this show and their out of whack priorities.
sonny from GH use to do the same thing him and jason and carly. now look at GH they have backburned them alot. I like that a lot.
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