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Viewing Single Post From: Monday , November 19th Daily Discussion

Nov 19 2012, 10:57 PM
Marlena's pajamas totally match the walls of Gabi's room.

Shirtless Brady!! He should always be shirtless.

I like the Brady/Kristen scenes, but ED totally looked like she was about to crack up for a minute.

I still can't believe I'm saying this, but Gabi feels like a real, three dimensional character. So strange.

And I can always count on Sami's hair and wardrobe to ruin an otherwise good episode.

As much as I loved the old Nick, I've grown rather fond of the slightly psycho version we have now. BB can make anything work.

ED looks AMAZING today. Other than Sami, I'm convinced there is a whole new wardrobe team.

I love Hope and Kayla scenes. Even if they are entirely too short.

I love how John never has his phone when Kristen calls. This was all so much easier before cell phones.

Kristen seems to be rendered nearly speechless by the Chest of Magnificence. As she should.

I like Abe's goatee. It's a good look for him.

My, my, my . . . that is a beautiful chest. Brady should never, ever wear a shirt.

I'm not big on kid scenes, but the Theo/Ciara scene was pretty cute.

I just can't help but enjoy the Kristen/Marlena scenes. They are just so damn entertaining.

I love Will asking Gabi to get married. It was really sweet and so ridiculous. But also wonderful just because of the sentiment behind it.

ED cracks me the hell up. That little sneer when Marlena left was awesome. Oh, this is just delicious.

Do you think there are two different people dressing Sami? Sometimes she wears flattering figure skimming clothes with great hair and other times she is wearing the too short too tight dresses/skirts with too much cleavage and terrible hair like today.
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