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I dunno anymore. I've really been trying to see the light but my patience is wearing really thin to the point where I'm trying to analyze which part of the show is worth giving my attention to. I'm coming up with blanks!! Chadam, good gawd, HATE what they've done to them so much I wanna cry. :frustration: Can't stand Navery, dont care much about Phyllis, Jack is throwing back pills but we barely see him to care, they barely show Neil at Jabot. I have no confidence they will do justice to cyber bullying, considering they completely botched Sharon's bi polar sl :toetap: save for SC's performance. Vic's kidnapping has made me realize that I don't miss her at all! sorry to say. The only glimmer of hope is Tucker moving in with Jill and Kay and maybe those new hotties...but if those fall flat, I'm strongly considering taking 2-3 months off and coming back later to see if anything has changed!

~end of rant~ :shutup:
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