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Sami and Rafe stalk Gabi across town after they realize sheís headed for a family planning clinic. They run into Nick on the way but donít fill him in. When they get to the clinic, Will is pacing in the waiting room. Rafe is livid. His sister comes out in tears. She couldnít go through with the abortion. Rafeís relieved. Nick rushes in and whisks Gabi away before Will can announce heís the father. Meanwhile, Nick confronts Gabi, assuming that Chad is the dad. Chad just happens to burst in on their argument. Before the false accusations can begin, Will shows up and gets in the middle. He manages to get Chad to leave, but the DiMera is sure that something is up. Nick has some questions. Will confesses that heís the father. That confuses Nick. Will and Gabi explain the biological fallout from grief sex to the scientist. Nick starts cooking up a plan. He thinks Gabi should marry him and they should pass the child off as his.
Rafe shows up in Samiís office to thank her for her help. He brings flowers, but gets an unpleasant surprise when he learns that Elvis is her new boss. EJ is smug. Rafe fumes. Sami insists she can handle it. Meanwhile, EJ continues encouraging his brother to get revenge on Gabi. Chad decides to track down Sonny. The Kiriakis has just had an upsetting conversation with Will, who refused to tell him whatís been going on with Gabi. Chad implies that if he knew what was happening between them, he wouldnít want Will anywhere near her.
Jenn is shocked when Nicole shows up. Nic gives a heartfelt apology and admits that sheís always been jealous of her. She goes to see Daniel next, but after hearing him on the phone to Mel, canít bring herself to speak. Danielís mom visits him and he tells her about Jenn pressuring him to enter the clinical trial to treat his hand tremors. That puts her nose out of joint and Maggie has words with the blond Horton. Jenn insists that she just wants to pay him back for all heís done for her. She goes to apologize to the doctor but he says heíll give the treatment a try. When she schedules him an appointment, heís reluctant to go ahead because of the risks but she pushes him. After learning of the risks, his mom tries to stop him and lashes out at Jenn. He has second thoughts so Jenn pushes him some more until he finally takes the injection.
Sensing John is still soft on Kristen, Marlena encourages Brady to stay on top of her old enemy. However, Brady has changed his mind about her too. Marlena decides to take charge and breaks into Kristenís room, only to be caught red-handed. The ladies brawl until Brady arrives to break it up. Marlenaís sure that Kristenís diary will reveal her dastardly plans, but when she flips through it, itís quite the opposite. Marlena looks like an idiot and storms off. Brady stops Kristen from calling the cops so she calls John instead. He doesnít answer but Marlena spots the missed call and tells him to call back so she can face the music. Kristen decides not to rat out Marlena. She gets Brady to look after her injured wrist instead. Guitar music plays as he fondles her throbbing pulse. Meanwhile, Marlena decides not to tell John what happened either. She nearly tells Eric but then backs away when Kristen shows up. She wants Father Tobias to hear her confession. Brady just happens to stroll into church at this time and eavesdrops on her admitting that sheís trying not to repeat her past mistakes. She unloads about how hard Marlena is making her life. She hints that sheís developing feelings for Brady and they scare her. Brady sneaks off and later meets her in her room.
Caroline returns to town, stunning her family. Everyone is happy to hear that sheís responding well to treatment, but when she is alone with Eric, he quickly realizes his grandmother is not doing so well. She confesses to him about switching Parkerís paternity test. He encourages her to seek forgiveness. When Daniel arrives with Jenn, Caroline tries to apologize. The doctor is forgiving. He and Jenn return to the hospital where he has a diagnostic test to see if the treatment worked. It failed. And Kate tracks down Stefano in Europe. She offers him reconciliation but he insists on divorce. Once sheís signed the papers and stormed away, he starts to mope.

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