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I'm aware that people with bi-polar don't need bibs but the law breaking ones SHOULD be in jail. Theft, arson, fleeing the scene of a crime.
Die? The one she had yes, Dru. Who else died that was female and a friend of hers?
Jealous of her? That's where the bi-polar comes in again. She cheated. But that's different. Sharon is a mess, a dangerous mess and needs to be harnessed in some way.
Mom? how can you be around a child that pushes you away, doesn't listen to you . Goes searching for her wayward daughter and is forever reminded of what results. Yeah she went to the rich boys daddy for money, knowing he wouldn't accept the ... money. She repaid him. ;)
Innocence? Maybe when she was Faiths age.
How can you support and stand beside someone who's a walking crime spree or running when the going get's tough?
After a while you just give up and let them take their knots and learn their lesson,but you don't stop loving them.
But as long is someone is coddling her and covering up for her, she will never get the help she needs. In jail/hospital, she will.
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