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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

:omg: This write up sounds 100x better than November sweeps.

The Wabi baby SL is rocking and rolling..... seems like things are moving right along. We all knew Nick was going to come to the rescue and pretend to be the baby's daddy.. should be interesting to see the youngs ones pull this off.

I like Maggie causing Agnst for Dannifer. I wonder why Jennifer is pushing to 'fix' Dan to badly? Jen-Jen surely has big time issue, always looking for perfection and Daniel is very flawed.

Always game for a Marlena & Kristen fight...looking forward to that and more egg on Marlena's face. If Kristen is busy with Brady... I guess she's gonna forget setting her sights on doing John.

:wow: & WTF is Caoline really admitting to? Swtching the Paternity test of Parker? Are TPTB going to just up and reveal that Daniel is the real father of Chloe's boy? That should put the breaks on Dannifer....

State Agnst is always good, I love them together... but why is Stefano being such a sore loser, it's not like anyone else in Salem is going to hook up with him, unless he has plans for Marlena.

I was wondering if part of KRisten's plan was to get John away from Marlena... so Steffy can go after is sick obsession with the good old doc. maybe Steffy and Marlena hit the sheets.... now that would be a effin' shocker.
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