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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

It is so refreshing to find myself enjoying the show as a whole again. Even the stories I'm least interested in are still worth paying attention to. I feel like they are doing a better job of laying ground work that isn't quite as predictable as it's been the past few years. The biggest example of that is the Wabi baby story. At the outset I was sure it would be a typical WTD story - but they've surprised me by not going in that direction at all. I find I'm really enjoying the genuine friendship between Will/Gabi - and their concern for not just themselves but the impact this will have on their partners and families. It's a very realistic reaction. Will's 'proposal' was very sweet but the best part was their shared reaction to it. Nick is giving us just the right amount of over protective, slightly psycho territorialism with Gabi. I loved Sonny's heartfelt offer to help Gabi. And the fact that Sami is a supporting playing just trying to do the best thing for everyone (at least for the moment) is a nice addition. Very well done.

And as excited as I was that Eileen Davidson was returning to the show - I honestly still can't get over what a shot in the arm she's been. I've loved her interactions with every single character across the board - bar none. Even Chad. And I rarely like Chad. She is just fun to watch. And she's making me enjoy Marlena in ways I haven't in years. (DH's delivery of the "Girlfriend - you're going to have to find a new plan b/c this one isn't working for you" or whatever the wording was had me cracking up!) And ED is already generating more heat with Eric Martsolf than I've seen with any of his other pairings and they've really not even started yet!

I loved the Hope/Kayla/Abe/Theo/Ciara scenes. It was nice to hear a discussion about the impact of Lexie's passing months after it's happened. In recent times the show has a tendency to gloss right over even the most tragic losses.

I'm still not thrilled that they seem intent on continuing with the Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle but given the fresh approach we've seen with some of the other stories, I'm cautiously hopeful they may surprise us with that story, as well. And the Nicole/Eric story has all kinds of built in angsty soapy potential - can't wait to watch that one start to build!

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