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Nov 20 2012, 10:28 AM
I wanted to specfically note that I enjoyed the Hope/Abe/Kayla/kids scenes at the Pub. I feel like TomSell has done a much better job of adding these moments that bring some emotion to the show. I'd still prefer it if the scenes were a bit longer and had some deeper emotions, but at this point I'll take what I can get. The history and friendships between these characters means a lot and just having them interact in a natural way brings a depth and a familiarity to the show. They don't have to drive story to be important parts of the canvas and it's nice that the show might seem to be realizing this.
I agree. It'd be nice to see such scenes at least once a week, actually -- just one segment of scenes, once a week, that aren't the least-bit plot-driven, but still feature important characters having important discussions.

Actually, I'd love to see every single character on the show at least once a week, but I realize that contract terms might complicate that. Regardless, I'd wager that if every character was seen at least once a week, people would be less upset about seeing the characters who are, in those viewers' opinions, on-screen too often. Yes, it'd be the equivalent of throwing a dog a bone, but dogs do enjoy bones....
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