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Abe and Nicole discuss Nicole's lack of a family, and Nicole resents her mother for providing her with such a terrible father growing up. Fay returns from the dead (courtesy of Witness Protection) and reveals to Nicole that her father is actually manipulative womanizer Ian McAllister. Ian returns also, wanting to reunite with Kate. He still wants revenge on Brady, so he partners up with Kristen to make the Blacks' lives a living hell. Fay grows wary of Abe's sudden friendship/interest in Kayla, and realizes after all these years that she wants to make a go of it with him, but just how ready for commitment is Abe so soon after losing Lexie?

Carrie and Austin come home to Salem, seperated. Because of Carrie's indecisiveness involving Rafe, Austin decides he has had enough. Carrie gives birth to their baby boy, and she and Austin agree to share custody. Meanwhile, Austin gets super drunk one night and ends up hooking up with Nicole, who is down in the dumps about life herself. Their drunken one-night stand turns into a blossoming relationship that neither of them saw coming. Single-mom Carrie becomes insanely jealous upon learning of Austin and Nicole's new romance, and enlists the help of sister/enemy Sami in taking Nicole down.

EJ and Rafe are tired of Sami's crap, and they both dump her. She realizes that neither of them was right for her, and turns to Lucas, who also wants nothing to do with her and is tired of her games. Rafe is tempted to make a real attempt at being with Carrie, but ultimately decides against it and gets the shock of his life when his ex-fiance Emily returns to town, played by Melissa Archer. However, when he finally comes face to face with her, Lucas shows up and reveals that the woman Rafe believes to be Emily, is actually Lucas' ex-fiance Autumn, the twin sister of Emily. Autumn and Lucas reunite, and although she comes across as sweet and innocent, she secretly plots Rafe's demise in revenge for her sister's car accident.

After the Hortons go home on Christmas Eve, there is a knock on the door at Jennifer's. She opens up and is floored to see Jack standing there. Only he swears he isn't Jack -- He claims to be Peter Blake! He has no memories as Jack Deveraux, or of the past few years, yet remembers everything about his life as Peter Blake. Jennifer is dumbfounded as to how Peter came to Salem with Jack's face and is determined to figure it out. A DNA test confirms that the man on Jen's doorstep is indeed Peter Blake. They slowly begin to fall for each other, but Jen still believes that this man is Jack. As it turns out, Kristen and Stefano switched Jack's body with a dead one at the morgue the day of the explosion -- and the man that showed up on Jen's doorstep really is Jack! They've manipulated him to believe that he is Peter Blake, and they plan on using him to carry out Kristen's evil scheme against Marlena.

Kristen continues to push Marlena's buttons, making her look crazy in front of John. Kristen also continues spending time with Brady. One day, when Brady is visiting Isabella's grave at the Kiriakis mansion, Kristen walks in and joins him. Unbeknownst to Kristen, Marlena has been following her, and locks her in the mausoleum (ala "Secret Room" style), unaware that Brady is also inside! Marlena doesn't want to hurt Kristen, she simply wants to scare her and let her know that she won't let Kristen manipulate her anymore. Brady begins to have panic attacks inside, being locked in the tomb with his mothers remains' and having to relive everything that happened there with Vivian Alamain two years prior. 24 hours later, when Marlena opens the mausoleum to let Kristen out, she is mortified to see that Brady was also inside - and is having a seizure! Brady is rushed to the hospital and placed in critical condition, and Kristen has no problem with informing John of Marlena's little prank. John is livid and mortified, and suggests that Marlena is not behaving like the woman he fell in love with, and she put his son in danger. John wants to take a break from them, and Kristen is privately thrilled.

The next phase of Kristen's plan comes into play, and she programs "Peter" into kidnapping Marlena and holding her captive on an island, where she will belong to Stefano forever. Kristen sets it up that it looks like Marlena has walked out on John, and being the gullible loop he has been lately, he believes every word of it. Kristen moves in for the kill and does everything she can to make John fall back in love with her. Meanwhile, Jennifer is devastated that "Peter" abandoned her out of the blue. On the island, Jack starts to remember his old life and knows he isn't Peter Blake. He and Marlena try to escape, but Stefano shows up and announces that they aren't going anywhere. An elaborate rescue story begins. Jack and Jennifer are eventually reunited, as are John and Marlena. Kristen stays in Salem, however, and is on to her next scheme...

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