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I tend to agree with the thinking that they only care about what people are discussing, rather than the content of the discussion. I'll use the Sami men harem as an example since it creates the most discussion. If they paid attention to the content of that discussion, they would realize that people aren't enjoying Sami's neverending revolving door of men. That most are expressing that they would like to see them move on from that, choose one man for her, give them angst other than another man wanting her, and allow us to also see the other two men in stories and pairings of their own without her still being a factor by them pining for her. You've got hot, sexy men here that are being wasted until it's their turn on the Sami express, rather than giving them alternate pairings that fans can enjoy. Why the heck would you shoot yourself in the foot like that? Just because I prefer one pairing doesn't mean I'm against seeing these guys in other pairings too. In fact, I'm all for it, as long as the actors have some chemistry. For example, I'm a Chloe fan and even though I preferred Phloe, I also enjoyed Broe and Danloe because for me, the actors had chemistry. So rather than just saying ok, Sami pairings create discussion so let's just keep revolving these men around her, actually listen to what most are saying. Yes, there are Lucas fans that love Lumi, Rafe fans that love Safe, EJ fans that love Ejami, but there are many fans of those guys that don't ship them with Sami, and I'm sure even many that do, that would much prefer to see their guy in a story and pairing of their own if Lumi/Safe/Ejami aren't going to be together.
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