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^^ Really not a true portrayal of a person being addicted to prescription medications. Usually it very slow processing. When a person is in pain they CANNOT become addicted to the pills. It's when they start using them for say sleep or when a simple analgesic could be used instead. That is why they use a pain control graduated chart for monitoring pain. If the pain level is a ten they will use something strong and as the pain graduates downwards they taper using first less of the stronger to where a simple over the counter will suffice. Most addictions occur when the person is using the strong medication when an OTC would work and probably even better.

The essentially take them when they are not necessary and then the brain tells them they need them for sleep and eventually they get addicted. I mostly have seen people take them frequently as time progresses. For instance I have known a person to down Vicodin every half an hour if not more and truthfully if they took them by the fist full's that was shown with Jack that would just be suicide or an immediate overdose. The people addicted to pain pills can take a massive amount of drugs in one day but rarely have I seen people take a massive amount at one time like that. I suppose they do but I think it would be a long time down the road before they got to that spot.

They got the bipolar right with Sharon but they really missed the boat on this one.
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