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Nov 20 2012, 10:40 AM
Nov 20 2012, 12:48 AM
Nov 19 2012, 07:39 PM
I thought the scenes with Will and Gabi were so sweet. I love the obvious loving friendship they share. Will offering to marry Gabi was adorable. Awww. Of course it wouldn't be in either of their best interest to get married, but the sentiment was so sweet. I like that Sonny showed up to offer his support of Gabi as a friend too and was happy to hear him mention Gabi sticking up for him and Will to T.

I also enjoyed Sami bursting at the seams with her secret. :P I actually support her decision to fill Rafe in because I think she really was looking out for Gabi. I'm sure she didn't want her alone and Sami knew Rafe would be there for her sister. Gabi is definitely overwhelmed. I also like that Sami showed the maturity to put whatever issues she has with Rafe aside and focus on family. I like this side of her so much better than the brat we were seeing in the past.

Love Brady and Kristen. Oh he is so going to get sucked in! Watch out Brady!!!!
I disagree about Sami.When someone asks you to keep a secret and you agree to do so,you should keep that secret.She had no business hinting to Will or calling Rafe to hint to him or tell him about Gabi's secret.I agree with her attempting to get Gabi to tell Rafe and supporting/checking up on Gabi to make sure she is okay but nothing more.She did not give Gabi a day before butting in with Will and Rafe.
But I must say I agree with your analysis of Will/Gabi as well as Brady/Kristin.
I understand your point completely about a promise is a promise, but then again this is Sami we are talking about. ;) It's very much in keeping with her character to be meddlesome and spill the beans. The woman is an impulsive big mouth. What I like is that even though she is butting in she seems sincere in wanting the best for Gabi rather than just trying to stir up trouble. I find Sami more palatable when she gets in her own way while striving to do the right thing.
This post for some reason reminds me of that scene when Nicole knows Brady is back in town and Sami is trying to get her to leave but as soon as Nicole says she knows a secret about Brady puts all that aside.
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