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Andrew Donovan (played by David Gregory?) returns to town and starts a steamy relationship with Abigail. Cameron goes ballistic when he realizes that Abigail allowed herself to be romantic with Andrew, but not with him. We start to see the loopy side of Cameron come out, causing his mother Celeste (played by the fabulous Tanya Boyd) to return to town and caution him about his erratic behavior. Meanwhile, Chelsea Brady comes back to Salem, newly separated from Max. While Chelsea and Abigail are on a coffee date, the girls overhear Gabi talking to someone on her cellphone, claiming she doesn’t want anyone to know her secret, because she couldn’t bear the thought of losing Nick. Abigail and Chelsea become determined to figure out Gabi’s secret. Gabi, meanwhile, allows Nick to believe that he is the father of her baby. Will goes along with this because he doesn’t want Sonny to know and he has allowed Gabi to make her own decisions regarding the pregnancy.

Anna DiMera sneaks her way into Salem, determined to see her new grandson. She is spotted by Victor, and begs him to let her stay in the basement of the Kiriakis mansion so she is not caught by the police. Victor is opposed to the idea at first, but has a change of heart when he spots Anna holding her grandson in secrecy. Anna promises that it is only until she finds a way to get herself pardoned for the kidnapping of Sydney DiMera. As they spend time in secrecy, Victor and Anna grow close. He is still completely committed to Maggie, but Anna is starting to develop feelings for him. She becomes determined to clear her name and make Victor fall in love with her. Anna is eventually busted by Maggie, and Mags turns her in to the police. Sami, desperate to make amends with anybody, decides to drop the charges against Anna, in exchange for a restraining order from Sydney. Anna happily agrees, and moves in on her plan of taking Victor from Maggie…

Daniel starts to do some digging about who he is and where he came from. He finds his father, Neil Curtis, volunteering at a hospital in Chicago. Neil is stunned that he could possibly have a son. He decides that he needs proof though, and when he performs a DNA test, he is floored to see that Daniel is in fact not his son. Neil then runs Daniel’s DNA against Maggie’s, and makes another big discovery: Daniel isn’t Maggie’s son either. Daniel is determined to find out who his real parents are and who deceived him into thinking Maggie was his mother, and so he travels across the world for answers. Maggie, meanwhile, wonders where her real child is and enlists Hope in helping crack the case.

Cameron begins stalking Abigail. When she makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him, he snaps and unknowingly kills one of his patients by injecting an air bubble into the IV. Although he is at first horrified, he realizes that he is comforted by it and makes plans to kill Andrew too. Celeste begins to feel that Cameron is unhinged and warns Hope and Roman that her son may be up to no good. As Andrew is closing up the Pub one night, Cameron attacks him from behind and Andrew is hospitalized. Just as Cameron is about to inject Andrew’s IV with an air bubble, Kayla and Abigail burst in, and a dangerous struggle ensues. Hope comes in just in time and shoots Cameron. He is taken to jail, and Andrew and Abigail begin to pick up the pieces.

Chelsea discovers Gabi’s secret just days before she is due to give birth and reveals the truth to Nick. Will and Sonny’s relationship is tested when Sonny realizes that Will had sacrificed his own child for Gabi’s happiness. Nick fears that he is going to lose it again and demands that Chelsea take him to a place where he is isolated from people. She takes him to the Horton cabin, where he unleashes his anger and rage in a frightening shouting match. When he is finally calm again, Chelsea tries to get him to see that he deserves better than Gabi and worked too hard on changing in prison to turn back now. On Smith Island, the two of them realize that they still love each other, and they make love. Gabi gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, realizes that she will never give the baby the kind of life she deserves, and gives full custody of the baby to Will. Will, now a parent on his own, wonders if Sonny will give him another chance and help his raise his daughter…
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