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I have to laud the directorial decision to allow the camera to linger on Kristen and her smirk (which Marlena DIDN'T see because she had her back to her!) and then actually follow Kristen out of the room and through the hospital as she did (what I've dubbed) her "bitch sashay". IMO, it was SUCH a pivotal moment were we (and Marlena) were finally clued in that, YES, Marlena is right! Granted, we've known all along that she was, but to see visual confirmation was a nice piece of payoff. Of course, John is still clueless and trusting where Kristen is concerned, but he ALWAYS WAS! This is NOT out of character. And haven John in conflict with Marlena is so fabulous. Seriously. This has the be the most I've enjoyed John & Marlena in YEARS, if not a full decade.
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