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Well, we know they ditched the Jack/Jennifer/Daniel triangle last year and sidelined the actors. That started happening as early as November and soon after we heard about re-writes and possible re-shoots. So things can happen. It's possiblle, for example, to re-edit what's already been shot to snip out certain scenes while extending others. Not easy, but possible.

As for this latest round, I'm going to take to heart the fact that none of the publicity surrounding November sweeps pushed the Dannifer pairing, even though it was pimped on our screens almost every day. The scenes were taped back in July-August, but the publicity was put together more recently. And not only was Dannifer not played up in either of the two promos, it wasn't listed in Corday's summary preview of upcoming storylines. Even though they have already taped it, it's possible they're already re-thinking the pairing and are looking for ways to downplay it. Perhaps the recent tweets from the show asking about the Dannifer pairing and asking what Jennifer should do were part of that awakening.

Yes, I know I'm grasping at straws and I know it's a long shot. If Tomlin had his way, he would continue to push one of his favorite pairings no matter what. But I'm just hoping that he's no longer having his way on this matter.

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