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I totally enjoyed the whole show today. The Kristen/John/Marlena stuff continues to be awesome. John's anger, Marlena's accusations, Kristen's protestations of innocence. It's fun stuff. I can't even say that I'm on team or another. Mostly I'm just on the team that keeps this storyline going. It's delicious. Whatever Kristen's motivations and however truly psycho she really is, I'm not sure I much care. Marlena may be 100% right (and certainly is at least in doubting Kristen's "changing") but I'm perfectly happy to have Kristen continue to mess with her life for awhile. We all know how the story will ultimately end and, in all likelihood, it will be the end of Kristen on the show again. So, I'm happy to let it play out for as long as possible.

That "Thank you" was the made of win and awesomeness.

Sami and Rafe were great and I don't think I've ever said that. I think AS and GG both played the scenes very well with a sense of the history (good and bad) between them. I liked how Sami talked Rafe off the ledge and thought the conversation was really good on a lot of levels.

Will and Gabi were a highlight. It's so refreshing to have them actually talk through all the important questions and decide these issue together. It really was fantastic with a lot of emotional depth and both actors brought that to the scenes. CM can be over the top sometimes, but he's been really good in these scenes and I loved his scene with Sonny. He's playing Will's conflict and desperation so well. And I liked how Sonny played the last scene. It was clear that Sonny knows something is wrong. And I was thinking that it makes sense if he assumes it has something to do with Gabi and Will is just helping out.

On another note, it's good to know that University Hospital still hasn't caught up with the HIPPA laws. Maggie's "friend" who works at the hospital and texted her violated all kinds of laws.

And I greatly appreciate that Brady's shirt was open throughout this episode. As it should always be.
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