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Nov 19 2012, 05:01 PM
Nov 19 2012, 04:58 AM
The PR team at Days wants us to let everyone know they check this board daily and they report our feedback to producers. They also check the comment line, so make sure to call it often and leave your feedback about the show!
If this is true, they need a better PR Team that can accurately translate this board's feedback! :lol: TPTB seem to take perverse pleasure in aggravating fans.

Has the number of posts on this board been dropping, along with ratings? Is that why the PR Team reached out to Daytime Royalty?

I joined the board when it was "Happy Days are Here Again" and people were excited about Higley leaving and the upcoming reboot. There was so much excitement. But the excitement turned to anguish, then disgust, then apathy. Is there less posting now as compared to then? And if so, how does the reboot time compare to the past in terms of posting volume at Daytime Royalty?
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