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But he does know that Gabi was once Sami's sister-in law and if he loved Sami hurting anyone she cares about should be off limits.
If he were Rafe, maybe. :laugh:

Throughout the history of their relationship EJ has at times gone after people Sami cares about - John, Bo, Kayla, Lucas, Rafe, etc. It's nothing new. And encouraging Chad to seek revenge against Gabi is barely in the same league. EJ isn't setting out to hurt her himself - he's simply giving his brother advice that is in character for who he is. And EJ knows that Gabi basically got away free and clear with setting things in motion that not only ended with Chad losing his love (not to mention people being killed). It makes sense to me that EJ wouldn't have any qualms about telling Chad to go for it in regard to getting some revenge. It will no doubt blow up in one or both of their faces - but it definitely fits who he is and doesn't really have any reflection on the fact that he still loves Sami, just as he always has.
I don't want to digress too much but the fact that EJ intentionally goes after people he know Sami cares about makes me believe he is obsessed with having Sami but he does not really "love" Sami.When you love someone you want them to be happy above all else and you do everything in your power to make that happen.I can understand EJ doing bad things to Lucas and Rafe because they are rivals for Sami but not to others that she cares about.
He's done this before. That's why it's so impossible for me to believe he :x loves/loved her . He has no qualms about going after those she loves. He gets his kicks from torturing her loved ones be it physically or emotionally never mind what he's done to her FOR YEARS! How in the world is this love? She may have forgiven him for all the crap he's done to her (I don't know how a sane person could but this is Sami so whatevs...) but will she turn a blind eye when his role is exposed in what's shaping up to be Chad torturing the mother of her first grandchild? I should say no but this is Sami we're talking about. I just hope Lucas will not stand for that sh*t and knock him (EJ) down a few pegs.

It may be a dream but a girl can dream.
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