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Nov 21 2012, 07:01 AM
Nov 21 2012, 06:42 AM
WOW! This show is just pathetic. Same lameass characters everyday.

Where the hell is myJusitn?!!!! :( Why can't I have some scenes between Sonny/Justin?!!! It wouls be nice for a change if Sonny has scenes that were with his parents for a change instead with Willass and that mess with Nick/Gabi/Chad.

Free Sonny from Willass!!!

I agree where are Sonny's parents? It would be nice for a change. We are getting Sonny and Lucas which I like but why not Sonny with his own parents? Sonny will always be used to support Will in his stories.
It's probably not much of a consolation, but we know that Sonny is going to be with his parents in the Christmas Eve episode, at the very least.

I'm not as convinced as everyone else seems to be that Sonny will always be used to support Will's storylines, but right now, the focus is obviously on Will. Starting this week (the week of December 10th), Sonny's on at least twice a week through the end of December, so he'll probably start to get more involved in the investigative side of this storyline (or something similar). Yes, that means that he's technically still being used as part of Will's storyline, but it gives Sonny something to do on his own, in any case. Giving him a storyline that's completely removed from the pregnancy stuff right now probably would have been seen as too much. This pregnancy does affect him, as well, and if the writers get him too heavily involved in some other storyline (an ex-boyfriend in trouble; an obsessive ex-boyfriend; delving into some deep, dark secret from his past; [insert your own dream storyline here]), he might not be available for enough of the important moments of the pregnancy storyline where they need his presence in order to play all of the necessary beats.

After this storyline plays out, I could see Sonny becoming the focus of the Will and Sonny relationship for a while, but only time will tell. As many have speculated, Will's mistake and subsequent lies could very naturally lead to a break-up, revenge sex, a darker side of Sonny, or any number of other possibilities that put the focus on Sonny's reaction to the news.

Anyway, that's how I see things working out at the moment. I'm hopeful that Sonny will eventually be the focus of a storyline, but for now, I do think that this is the only major storyline that he or any of the other key players in this storyline are going to be involved in. It's an umbrella storyline, and he's needed in it.
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