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Nov 21 2012, 09:50 AM
Nov 21 2012, 09:47 AM
Nov 21 2012, 09:02 AM
Nov 20 2012, 11:48 PM

Gabi is suspicious of Sonny’s hostility towards her.  
Hmmm, could Sonny's "hostility" lead him to do something to hurt Gabi, thereby hurting the baby. Imagine Will's reaction if his child was injured/died because of something Sonny did.
I can see something like that happening if Sonny is being influenced by Chad. Isn't he already making him feel insecure about Wabi's closeness? I think Sonny might unknowingly do something to help Chad in his quest to destroy Gabi. That will in turn hurt the baby which will upset Will greatly. Then I can see Sonny feeling guilty. There's just so many directions they could go with this.
I am thinking it will be more likely that Sonny does something to injure/kill the baby Gabi is carrying. Since Jen was not guilty, and they have to rehash story lines... Sonny getting full blame would rock Salem
I think something might put both Gabi and the baby in danger to the point where it makes Will step up and realize he wants to be a father to his child afterall. Until then he'll continue to go along with Nick's scheme all the way up until the wedding day I assume. However I can see this eating Will up inside. Already you can tell he wants this baby and I see him very reluctantly agreeing to let Nick raise the child but the second the baby's life seems to be in jeopardy either due to Chad, Sonny or both of them, Will's parental instincts will kick in and he will want to protect his baby. Either way it looks like the reveal happens at the time of the wedding in early January. I don't think it will come to the point of the baby actually dying but possibly Gabi getting injured that leads to an early labor. The baby will probably be born prematurely.
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