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Nov 21 2012, 09:31 AM
Nov 21 2012, 07:37 AM
:shame: John,John,John,defending a person who tried to kill your wife,never thought I would EVER live to see that,another thing,Marlena is a shrink,she knows CRAZY LUNATIC when she see's it.
After watching Marlena be possessed and kill practically everyone in town, (and even worse got pregnant at like 60 by Fauxman), plus accepting everyone else in Salem who's evil, and I think she's being far too harsh on Kristen. Kate tried to kill multiple people including her daughter and its all water under the bridge for her.

Although I love to watch Marlena squirm, I find it hilarious how freaked out by Kristen she is. She's not even this afraid of Stefano, lol.
This is the only part of the whole thing that feels off to me. In the abstract, I can totally understand Marlena hating Kristen and refusing to believe she can change, and even refusing to believe she's not up to something. But, when set up against EJ and Stefano eating meals at the Brady Pub, and Marlena's general dismissiveness of Stefano, it rings just a little false, or at least overdone.

I realize Kristen did horrible things to Marlena. But Stefano did horrible things to John, and Marlena, and she's not remotely as freaked out about him. It's not a major deal because I am thoroughly enjoying her being so rattled, but some kind of explanation would be nice.
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