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Nov 20 2012, 11:02 AM
Nov 20 2012, 01:01 AM
I don't necessarily think it's true that tptb only go by which characters are being discussed. Shelle got a lot of good and bad discussion and they had no problem dumping them. Also, if you're wanting to do reverse psychology, then don't mention the characters you hate at all. Continuing to talk about them just in a different way isn't going to help and is pretty transparent.
While I think it's great TPTB are checking this site (and any others) for fan feedback at the end of the day it's just one of the aspects they consider when developing stories. And because of the super advanced shooting schedule it's difficult to see any sort of immediate reaction to stories. So while they probably get a good idea as to which characters generate discussion (good or bad) I don't know that what we say here (or elsewhere) really impacts the story direction because it's already three months ahead of what we're seeing.

With that said, though - I have to think it's pretty easy to pick out biases and take those posts with a grain of salt (mine included). If they see posters sporting banners featuring pairings they love and ripping apart any 'interlopers' to their potential happiness then it's probably a good bet they sense an agenda. Or when they see a post that starts off with a statement like "this makes me glad I'm no longer watching this show" it's probably not all that likely they go on to read what the poster thinks about an episode or story they've already said they haven't watched.

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall as the PR team is perusing the internet and reading some of our posts here and elsewhere, though. I'd love to know if they crack up at some of the same posts I do or just roll their eyes and move on. :laugh:
Re: bolded... while I understand what you're saying, I would think that getting information about former (and perhaps future) viewers would be exactly a key reason why Days would want to cruise message boards like this one. I mean, shouldn't they be curious as to why so many people care about the show enough to read and comment about it but not to want to actually watch it?

If I were selling a product that used to be popular but has been losing customers for years, I'd want to find out not only about the current customer base but also learn why so many other customers stopped buying my product.

Days has a huge potential audience that they're just not bothering to tap. Meanwhile, GH did some research, found a writer who actually cares about the show, and made the changes that are bringing lapsed viewers back. They're proving that it can be done.

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