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That's what I thought too--that's why I 'liked' her post. If ANYONE thought Rafe wouldn't be a part of Sami's life....then they can be suprised, but a lot of us knew it, expected it, and were looking forward to it. A Safe Christmas is always a good thing.
No surprise on my part.....I know that Rafe will be in Sami's orbit in some way for the foreseeable future, because the character really has no other story line, and because if Corday's "lock, stock, barrel" literally means they're writing an EJ and Sami story, Rafe will serve as the impediment to their eventual pairing.

What I don't get about the whole "GG golf tourney info" is how he is allowed to give info on what does or does not happen in OTHER characters storylines. Especially when everyone else is so tight lipped.

Seems like that's info tptb wouldn't want shared regardless of whatever way the storyline is going. One would think he would take pause before blurting out storyline at a golf tourney...but who knows.
I don't see what the big deal is? JS does the same and every other actor. In fact I remember reading once it was said that he knows his SL three months in advance and while actors don't outright give spoiler info away they do give hope to their fans to keep us all watching and then from what I've seen depending on who the actor is their fanbase gets excited because of spoiler info or tidbits they recieve. I guess we will see in a few months but the SL with Sami is still very much his SL because none of her men ever leave her orbit.
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