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Nov 21 2012, 11:11 AM
I've actually been really enjoying TomSell for the most part & I hope they continue because I'm interested in seeing where their stories go.
I agree. I think the show has been much better lately. I'm not sure what incentive TPTB would have to replace TomSell at this point given that the ratings have actually gone up over the last few weeks. I know there are those who are unhappy with certain story decisions, but it appears that there are others who were unhappy before but are happier now.

The idea that TPTB can "save the show" by "listening to fans" is somewhat ridiculous to me. This board (and others) make it 100% clear that there is not clear "fan" voice. What makes one group happy makes others mad, so how in the world are TPTB supposed to "listen to the fans" to make everything perfect?

What they need to do is write good stories and have faith that the fans will tune in for those stories. I'm not saying TPTB should never take fan feedback into consideration. There are certain things that produce a pretty overwhelmingly positive or negative response. But unless they can separate the wheat from the chaff, it's all just noise. GH isn't winning over fans by bringing back vets. They are winning over fans by telling good stories that are grounded in the show's history, and using vets in meaningful ways to tell those stories. That's what Days needs to do. Tell good stories and the viewers will follow.
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