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Nov 21 2012, 11:35 AM
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What you described applies to EJ 100%. He is ALWAYS the angst to Sami's other relationships and not the other way around. As long as EJ is obsessive/ possessive and scheming which I don't see changing nor do I want it to because Elvis pretending to be "changed" feels forced and fake as hes not doing it because he wants to but because its the only way Sami gives him the time of day, and just makes him look pathetic. He will NEVER win over Sami's heart and she will always love others more than him. IMO there is a reason that EJ / Kristen are being written EXACTLY alike because ultimately they will lose. Rafe would rather step aside than force love onto Sami if he felt that she loved anyone else and therein is the difference, Rafe and Lucas want her to be happy even if not with them while EJ wants her at all costs and that is not a show of love. For the same reasons Sami never truly got Austin are the same Elvis wont Sami in the long run because bottom line I don't see EJAMI or more to the point EJ ever being written as not lying and scheming to get and keep her. Due to this reason all will continue blowing up in his face but because I'm tierd of that same old shit is why I'm not watching though I do love that SAFE will have scenes xmas eve.
As I said, IF Corday's "lock, stock, barrel" EJami story plays out, Rafe will be a sticking point in one way or the other. That's a given. Everything else is subject to the whims of the writers. Perhaps they will decide to take a fresh angle!


No it isn't and Corday was very unclear on what that all means which will all end up being a whole lot of nothing. My point is again that even if they go there and he "gets her" that just like with Saustin it wont last because they always write them as EJ having some lie or way he manipulated her to be with him which she gets pissed about and thats what I don't see changing and why any true "relationship" will backfire on EJ. If Rafe was supposed to be a thorn he would be the one schening and not EJ with Kristen to "get closer" to Sami. If he was so secure in her love for him he wouldn't need to do that but he isn't so he will continue to scheme to hold onto her like Sami did Austin which ultimately backfired on her like it will EJ
Just to clarify.....I think it's a given that Rafe will be involved in whatever story EJami may get. I did NOT mean that "lock stock barrel" is a given; that's why I said "IF". I have nothing to base future story line expectations on, other than what TPTB have said.
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