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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

This is a perfect example at how some people that didn't like the show just a few weeks ago are liking the show more now. Admitting to my bias, I can deal with some aspects of the show now because some couples/characters aren't being featured as much. I think the fact that Sami is for the most part without a man and focusing on something other than her love life is a breath of fresh air, how much that lasts is yet to be seen, but I like the show a bit more when we don't have Sami's carousel of men as the A storyline. So that makes me want to watch. Unfortunately, the only thing I would like is something for Lucas in the story department too. Then I'd be a very happy camper. I know they are utilizing him as some kind of angst for WilSon, but I'd much prefer that he gets another love interest and focuses on his own love life over whatever WilSon are planning to do.....it would make me immensely happy if TomSell did something like that.

I also like Kristen/Brady and the dynamic they create with Jarlena. This story in particular has the makings to be very, very good. Ditto for Nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny with a side of Chad screwing around....this story can be a very good umbrella story that creates drama for the Hortons in a way that hasn't been done for YEARS. We were clamoring for a Horton story, a story that focuses on them, well here it is...Will, a Horton having knocked up Gabi who is now dating another Horton Nick....cousins who might see themselves butting heads over who raises this child....then when you add the Kiriakis' into it with Sonny and how the Brady's might react it really has the foundation to be a great overall story.....

I've always loved Ericole so the fact that he's back is only the cherry on top.....

Only negatives are Dannifer to me....but I can deal with one bad story as long as I have a few others catching my interest. If they continue doing what they are doing and just give Lucas a story outside of Sami's circle, then I'll be a very, very happy camper.
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