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Nov 21 2012, 11:36 AM
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What I don't get about the whole "GG golf tourney info" is how he is allowed to give info on what does or does not happen in OTHER characters storylines. Especially when everyone else is so tight lipped.

Seems like that's info tptb wouldn't want shared regardless of whatever way the storyline is going. One would think he would take pause before blurting out storyline at a golf tourney...but who knows.
I don't see what the big deal is? JS does the same and every other actor. In fact I remember reading once it was said that he knows his SL three months in advance and while actors don't outright give spoiler info away they do give hope to their fans to keep us all watching and then from what I've seen depending on who the actor is their fanbase gets excited because of spoiler info or tidbits they recieve. I guess we will see in a few months but the SL with Sami is still very much his SL because none of her men ever leave her orbit.
I think the big deal, at least for me, is we have conflicting info coming from different sources. Add to that, people keep reposting what GG supposedly said at this golf tourney as if it is a spoiler.

And yes, I've heard of other actors giving away spoilers for their storylines, but I'm not sure I've ever heard of them giving away spoilers that have to do with two other actors. I get he's still in the storyline but that's kind of blowing the whole deal if he's suppose to be telling you what does or doesn't happen & how it ends. And I can't see how tptb would be happy about that. Especially when you've got KC coming out to SOD with his "lock, stock, & barrel" comment. If GG said that, he may be right on the money, but, my point is I don't think tptb would approve when obviously they're trying to sell a different angle right now.

I'm just taking it all with a grain of salt.
GG has done it before though...spoiling that Ejami wouldn't sleep together in 2010, and he spoiled that Cafe wouldn't be sleeping together when it seemed at least on screen at the time that it might very well take place. I think it's pretty clear that GG can and will spoil story lines and he's been pretty accurate thus far. TPTB don't seem to care that these actors spill anything.....particularly him, it's like they are 'telling' him to do it....or he just wanted to reassure his fans to 'hold on'...who knows

Here is what I think about this entire scenario--

His fans approach him and ask him the question. Likely, "Do Safe get back together?" He says that "there is some good, some bad but it would all work out in the end". Fans come back particularly to get more info on the 'some bad' comment...with, "Do Ejami sleep together" and he says, "No"

...now....maybe he was talking about what had already been filmed up to the point of the gold outing, and if this exchange happened about a month ago then maybe at the time he said this Ejami hadn't slept together yet. So he's accurate. However, I also know that the actors have said that they really don't know much about future storyline, specifically when there is a drama filled event that might turn the course of the story. They pretty much find out the stuff a few days before they film it. I bet that at the time he said this to his fans, Ejami hadn't slept together yet, but by now they very well might have done it. Putting your lock,stock and barrel in something said by an actor can be as good as putting your faith on a previous writing regime that was 'good to your character/couple of preference'....I learned that with Dena, I'm never making that shitty mistake again.....Prepare for the worse and hope for the best is my motto, lol.
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