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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
i not saying allie feeling ignored and neglected child she might not feel that way but allie ignored and neglected child at least from sami side

and sami as chlid on screen never was ignored and neglected child while during soras and when AS step in the role this all she feel even 20 years later
Okay. Personally, I don't think Sami feels that way. She's admitted many times that her story of her childhood is largely inaccurate. Her little fan fiction of her life helps her get away with a lot of crap and keeps her from having to accept responsibility. When she actually talks about her childhood, there's no hints of her being ignored or neglected or pushed aside for any siblings. She does and should have abandonment issues but those came later and had nothing to do with sibling favoritism.
Anna agrees with you.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU150ocWf_U&feature=relmfu at 5:30.

On a sidenote because I haven't watched this in eons - would someone please give the man a baby.
And Anna would know - she practically "gave" Carrie to Marlena, because she knew Marlena was a natural at it and she loved Carrie enough to wish her the best childhood possible. Sami was deprived in that Marlena was taken from her (and from Carrie and Eric too, let's not forget that part), but other than that, it has ALWAYS been a fanfiction on her part. I just wish people would stop playing along with it.
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