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The Room Stops
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Nov 21 2012, 01:35 PM
I can buy that Marlena just feels insecure around any crazy lady, after watching John fall in love with Ava, and whatever happened with Charlotte Taylor that led to him being paralyzed for years. And Kristen targeted her more than those two. John and Marlena have both been all over the place on villains, so any position they took on Kristen would probably contradict something in their pasts.

The Possession story happened before the first round of Kristen going nuts, so I don't think knowing it was in her past would necessarily soften Marlena on Kristen at all. But I would probably never give someone another chance who locked me up in a secret room for a few months and made me watch her relationship with the man I loved through closed circuit TV. LOL.
The thing about Ava is that he didn't so much fall in love with her (he couldn't love anything at that point) as he felt validated that he was okay the way he was (which he wasn't). And in a way, it's the same thing now. John has that stupid, ridiculous need to look the other way because of his own past. It's why he's that way with Stefano, but anything else... He just looks the other way and tries to ignore it.

Except that for John, it's apparently ... NOW... his way or the highway. Fuck you if you dare admit you're scared to be locked in a secret room again, or that you just don't wanna "move on" when the person who tried to kill you, almost killed your young child is standing right in front of you.

It's not that it's out of character that way... it's that the person on the other side is Marlena, and John's core, the heart of who he is, begins and ends with Marlena. He ALWAYS believes her, to a fault at times (Possession much?). THAT is what is out of character.
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