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Nov 21 2012, 11:48 AM
And I don't care WHO is writing, there's always going to be an overly vocal "fanbase" who doesn't like what's going on. Also, no matter how good the overall show might be, there'll still be some clunker storylines in there. No one hits it out of the park all the time. I remember during the heyday of Patch & Kayla, we still had to deal with that stupid & annoying Mike/Janice/Bill triangle that made no sense & went no where. Unfortunately, the way some fanbases act today, if they were watching back then, all they'd be able to focus on would be the Mike/Janice/Bill triangle while ignoring anything else going on. IMO, there are people who seem to be too into their own fanwank hatred & fury that they actually have blinders on to anything that might be remotely good because acknowledging that would interfere with their own narrative.
I know this was not directed towards me or anyone specific, but it really kind of hit me and got me thinking. I think I have to admit that I may have a little bit of that fanwank hatred thing going on.

It's not so much that I'm disappointed with specific outcomes- even though I pick on Dan/Jen a lot. It's that I've developed a thought pattern in which one storyline seeming (to me) to be contrived and disappointing reminds me of all the other similar storylines in the past. And that, in turn, makes me assume that the other current storylines are similarly contrived and disappointing, so I'm not really open to them.

I'm not sure how to snap out of that, though, because I don't think it's entirely unreasonable. I think I might need to see an entire storyline unfold in a way I find satisfying to really restore my faith, get me back to a place of trust with those who make the show.

So, I'm genuinely happy to see so many pro-Days posts. I hope to join you guys one day, but I'm not there yet.
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