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Nov 21 2012, 06:35 PM
The show has definitely improved since MarDar. My main problem is Daniel & Dannifer. They had to scrap their storyline the first time around because the fans hated it. So why does Tomlin feel the need to rewrite a storyline that was so universally hated the first go around? Jack or no Jack the majority of fans will never accept Daniel with Jennifer. Mostly because of who Daniel is and because of what Jennifer has become. The latest SOD poll was a clear indication that Dannifer are as big a failure as a couple now as they were the first time around. And yet Tomlin and Whitesell still continue to push this couple. WHY? It's bad enough they had utterly gutted Nicole and Chloe for Daniel, must they also continue to destroy Jennifer? And it pisses me off to no end that Chloe is once again being wasted on the bag of douche while Brady has got the hots for a woman who used to change his diapers. Tomlin has a long way to go before he can be called a good writer. :flipoff:
ITA I would watch more often if Dannifer weren't being continually shoved down my throat. I have accepted that Tomlin is going with them but their screentime is over the top. I will also willingly admit that I am a resentful fan re Jack. But I quite like the Nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny storyline and I like knowing that it will be a complete story - with a beginning and an end. I hated the Nicole baby story because it petered out into just another Dan/Jen prop, with no real aftermath. I dont like the Sami show because it has been going for about 4 years with no resolution - but that was true under MarDar as well. I am on the fence with Kristen stories because I wasn't a fan of hers originally, or JER for that matter. I quite like the Kristen, Brady, marlena scenes but I keep wondering if there is going to be much story to go with it. The return of Chloe has me quite interested but I'm hoping for more than just a paternity story or Dannifer prop. Actually chloe was the only Dan pairing I could ever tolerate but it has to be tough Chloe, not another weak, ruined female Eric is o.k. and I do like a good Thornbirds story so I can go for that. Overall I would have to say that I am not on board as yet. I often turn it on but end up doing something else within 15 minutes however I dont want the show to be canceled because the advanced taping schedule that would mean that basically what we are seeing now would be endgame and I certainly hope they can go out with a bigger bang than the current status
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