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I stopped watching after Peter Reckell's last day. I had watched Days continuously since the summer of 1984. I suffered through a lot of bad times with this show so it took a lot for me to stop watching. One reason I stopped watching was because of time. I am in my capstone class for my MBA and I just don't have enough hours in the day to work full time and dedicate myself to this class and keep up with Days.

As to what finally got me to turn off the show, here's a list. I am not one who only watches for one actor or couple.

Dannifer and the love fest Days execs and writers have for the character of Daniel Jonas
The nonstop vortex of suck of Sami and her men, is it Lumi this week or Ejami or Safe
Stories being dominated by four characters of Sami, Rafe, EJ & Nicole
Nicole losing her baby
Ashford and Reckell leaving the show
I'm not a Jarlena fan so Kristen coming back really didn't interest me that much.
The general pacing of the show. There was no build up, every story and couple was just thrown together.

After reading some of these posts it sounds like some of these issues may have been resolved (balance and pacing). If I keep seeing some positive reviews maybe I'll check back into the show in a month after graduation.
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