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-In all of my soap watching years, I've always watched for one or two characters/one or two storylines. Never have I ever been really interested in every single story, or even in the majority of stories, but I watched what wasn't that great while waiting for what was, and did dishes or dusted or did homework when boring stuff was on and sort of listened enough to follow it.

-I am one of those furious fans Matt mentioned. Very much. I admit it. I have loved Jack and Jennifer over two thirds of my life. The set up was ripe for one more good Jack and Jennifer story, and Days wouldn't even use it in their mad desire to make boring Dan the rooting character, apparently because he's considered "hot", as I can't see any other reason. This show wasted Jack utterly in favor of a very mediocre and forgettable pairing. I only got back on the Days train because Jennifer's return made me hope for Matt Ashford/Jack's return to follow hers. So, yes, I'm angry about how all of that went down, enough angry that I'd like to see TomSell crash and burn, honestly.

-I never care about any story if I don't care about the characters involved.

-I have watched very little of late, mostly reading spoilers and watching teasers, so I can't claim the authority of those who are generally watching. However, I'm not watching because it sounds mostly boring, and what I have watched doesn't interest me much or make me want to see more.

^Those confessions being taken into account, maybe my opinions are negated. Anyway, I still check this board, because I hope for hints that the show will get better (and I've been reading Matt's fanfic). But the spoilers and the teasers don't interest me, because I don't care about the characters. This show is full of inconsistent, interchangeable parts and not characters. Also, insta-love just isn't interesting to me. Will/Sonny and Nick/Gabi---already with the sleeping together and the "I love you"s. That's boring to me. That doesn't create an investment. Abby's already got two lackluster romances under her belt. The only story that sounds like it's got real potential is Eric/Nicole. I might be interested in watching that, but not interested enough to make it worth it to me to run into Dan/Jen. I don't care if stories are gelling or whatever if I don't care about the characters involved. And I find most of the characters to be very hollow because of never having been properly built in the first place or because of repeated inconsistency. I suppose John and Marlena have some substance. Well, John actually lost all substance for me with the repeated changes in who he is, so I don't really care what happens with them at this point. Though I'm not a big Lucas fan, I do think he's at least a character of substance, so of course, he's barely used. I'm not sure how the show can fix being populated with a bunch of empty characters (I think Sami and EJ were once something more, but have been drained of all substance; Rafe, Daniel, Brady---they've never amounted to much beyond eye candy for me). I don't watch GH (though I think I might start), so I'm not exactly sure if this is what they're doing, but I think maybe using strong characters of the past (Jack, please!) to help build a newer set might be good. As is, the strong characters of the past are often just being played as hollow interchangeable parts now too (hello, Jennifer) or are not really being used much (Kayla and Julie, for example).
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