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Today was another pretty good show. I've enjoyed Sami blabbing Gabi's secet all over town. Sure, she's completely out of line, but it's nice to see her being completely out of line with the truth for a change. Plus, Nick and Rafe's reactions are awesome. She so inappropriately nosy that it's a little awesome. And Sami and Rafe are pretty good together when they aren't talking about their love life or lack thereof.

The Lucas/Will scenes were fantastic. I loved the emotion the BD and CM brought to it and the wonderful irony of Lucas apologizing and telling Will he is proud of him just as Will is taking his pregnant ex-girlfriend to get an abortion. The only slightly wrong note is that CM overplays Will's emotions enough that it seems strange that Lucas doesn't pick up on it.

Will and Gabi continue to be great. Love the emotional beats being played out.

Eric and Nicole are fab. There is some really great chemistry. And it works when they are laughing and when they are arguing. I love that he knows exactly what she is trying to do and how she tries to deflect. And the celibacy line was actually pretty good. The fact that Eric could possibly not notice Nicole lost an earring - not so much.

Book club was a little random and I wish the discussion of loss they were supposed to have would have been happened. And the forbidden love line was awkward under the circumstances. But, I love that they at least had this kind of scene and can only hope the show decides to do these types of fun, friendship scenes more often.

Aww, there's the FancyJudgmentalFace I know and love. Totally understand where Hope is coming from, but that judgmental streak has been there forever. On FJF, your gut instinct just isn't as good as it used to be. But it's a nice set-up for a holiday cliffhanger, I guess.
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