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Nov 21 2012, 09:20 PM
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Nov 21 2012, 07:59 PM
Y'all probably have already heard this--but I was looking through the new SOD and there is a tiny spoiler about this Chad/Ej and Gabi mess. It says EJ and Chad have a heated arguement over Chad's obession with exacting revenge on Gabi....???? That comes within a hair of saying EJ will do the right thing??? Can that be possible?? It will be interesting to find out what the real story is here.
Its probably fake concern over Gabi so he looks good in Sami's eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if she's there or overhears the argument and EJ realizes she is listening. Doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing? Never gonna happen, especially since that's part of his scheming menacing plot with Kristen to "grow closer" no doubt to Sami. So he's only looking out for his own selfish wants and needs as always. He already proved Gabi was expendable to him when he threatened to have her thrown in jail, unless Rafe gave Samanther up to him.
Kinda pointless to fake concern when the person to be fake around isn't there and Chad isn't instrumental to said "scheme." Since I haven't read the article nor seen the scenes, I cannot assume that she is there or that she isn't, though it's noted that there no mention of Sami around when EJ and Chad have this discussion in spoilers. Either way, I'll have to see how it plays out before I make a judgment call.
I'm just stating my opinion based on EJ's past behaviour, NOWHERE did I say what will happen is fact but EJ being ready to throw Gabi in jail happened very recently unless "Rafe gave her up" same for why he didn't pursue anything legally against Rafe or Daniel- to impress Sami. Whether she overhears or not is irrelevant but the fact remains his "acting good" is to get in her pants and not because he doesn't want revenge or isn't cooking up schemes. I was just stating a predictable scenario of how things could go down is all. This show is nothing if not predictable.
excessively predictable...what ever happened to shocking, totally unexpected things...
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