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Nov 21 2012, 12:22 PM
I think EJ loves Sami in the only way he knows how to love. It's definitely not perfect - but then neither is she. My opinion is that Sami exists in a place for him that is uniquely her own. EJ will always be flawed (I hope) and likely will do asinine things that end up hurting her inadvertently (such as going after someone she cares about) but it doesn't change the fact that at his core, she has his heart. I can't imagine any other character that could have done the things to him that Sami has done (SHE SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD!) and he would still want her. He's been angry and has tried multiple times to get her out of his system, but has never quite managed it. I suppose that could be obsession - but I see it more as he's just destined to love her, no matter what.

That's my romanticized version of it, anyway. If this was a Twilight book or movie, I suppose I'd say EJ has imprinted on her. :lol:
I'm not a fan of twilight but as obsessed with Bella as Edward was from what I understand he never hurt Bella or her father. He didn't even really hurt Jacob.

All this sounds like some psycho's version of love yo make him feel like he's nomal. Only its not about him. It's not about EJ! If he truly loved Sami it wouldn't be about how she makes him feel but how she feels. And he doesn't make her truly happy. Even joyful. You can say he makes her laugh and smile (which he doesn't really do) but EJ doesn't give Sami joy. And the fact that he doesn't care shows he doesn't love her. It's all about him.

There is no thin line between obsession and love. There is a cliff void of any real goodnes between the two. Much like rape obsession is about controlling someone. It's selfish while love is selfless. It brings out the worse when love makes people better.

Ej's obsession is exactly what women in the 21 century should be reinforcing as unexceptable. It's not only threatening but it's demeaning. After decades of telling women to take pride in yourself, you are worth it... To then tell women there is a version of love that is abusive, that makes you less important than the man and his feelings is unacceptable.

There is no version of love that is abusive. If he want to control your very existance, he does not love you. He he is willing to hurt you and/or your love ones to prove something to himself, he does not love you. If he feels misery is what you must have without him, he does not love you.

EJ does not love Sami.
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