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Nov 21 2012, 10:55 PM
I'm so confused. WhyTF is Parker's paternity and Caroline switching it an issue right now? That was almost 2 years ago...and out of the blue, it's an issue? Why? So Daniel can get another apology?
So damn random! Then again, it was random that Caroline switched it in the first place.
This is just a guess, and it's probably wrong, but when I read the initial post about the SOD article, my first thought was that Caroline might have been deflecting.

We know from spoilers elsewhere that Caroline returns and assures everyone that she is all right, but Eric is suspicious. The article says that Eric sees Caroline crying and becomes worried (this might relate to the "Eric is suspicious" spoiler). To avoid having to answer some tough questions or face some tough truths about her condition that she isn't truly ready to face yet, perhaps she scrambles to come up with some other reason for her tears, and this is what comes to mind. Also, if she's truly not as well as she's claiming, we already know that her mind sometimes gets stuck in the past (granted, it's usually the distant past), so to her, the paternity switch might feel like a "fresh" memory at that time, and that's what she latches onto and uses as a smokescreen.

:shrug: Like I said, it's just a guess, but if it plays out on-screen in that way, it might not be as contrived as it currently seems. Of course, either way, we all know that this is really just groundwork for an upcoming storyline.
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