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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

From SID:

During a confrontation with Carly, (Robin) Christopher shares that, "push literally comes to shove! And in the midst of this hullabaloo, we make a discovery that there's some connection between us that seems to be unsolved that involves a certain man that was in both our pasts." (Psst. If you are guessing Alcazar, you're right!)

Things get even more complicated once Carly tells Todd about Alcazar... and he notices a striking resemblance between Carly's ex and Tomas, the man that Blair is preparing to marry! Quicker than you can say "road trip," Todd, Carly, and Skye are racing to crash Blair's wedding. But will they get there in time? And even if they do, will Todd's former wife believe what she's told... or assume he's making a last-ditch effort to win her back?

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